I (Viktor) have taken a break from producing and uploading new visual sets for Visuals Market for a while now. That’s because I recently became a father and I’m working full-time at my main job over at Thundercode. My brother Julius on the other hand have been teached up and have already released three sick sets…


Bug fixes and new visuals set

2016 is coming, let’s celebrate it with new visuals! Since Visuals Market only is a side project (by Thundercode) can’t we commit 100% of our daily time on “VM”. But as you might has seen the last 6 weeks have we released one new visuals set per week. We will continue doing that. We will try to…

rb missile3

Rebecca & Fiona using Missile Visual Set

Last friday we were up in Umeå at Brännbollsyran VJed for Martin Garrix, Rebecca & Fiona and Tove Lo. Here’s some photos of when they’re killing the stage with Missile Visual Set infront of over 12 000 people! Find more about Missile Visual Set at: http://visualsmarket.com/portfolio/missile-visuals-set/ Photos by David Arkhult  


New visual set with a campaign!

This weekend we’re going to release a whole new visual set that will be called “Rubble galaxy”. The set will include 3 different visuals within the same theme. There will be one drop, one break and one build-up for the set. We will also have a campaign for this set! The first 5 people who…


Welcome to The Visuals Market!

The Visuals Market  has now been released and are ready to be used! On the site you’ll be able to find exclusive made visuals by the ThunderCode crew that’s specially made for the EDM scene. The idea of TVM is to bring nightclubs, festivals and/or VJs – without producing time or producing skills – professional…